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Many of you have discovered the value of the beneficial nematodes over the years - so we are so excited to let you know we once again have those great jars of nematodes.  No more little blue sponge you absolutely have to use ASAP.  These guys are shelf stable (as long as that shlef is in the refrigerator) for several months. That means you can just treat a single area several times - like around the dog's kennel for fleas.  These natural “insect eating” nematodes do not harm people, plants, pets or other beneficials including bees, earthworms and ladybugs.

Long before the invention of synthetic pesticides, farmers relied on biological agents to deal with insect problems.  Beneficial nematodes are a part of this program. 

Nematodes are the most numerous multicellular animal on earth.  While different species of nematodes can be good, bad or indifferent,  we can use the good ones (beneficial) to combat a wide variety of insect pests including weevils and soil dwelling grubs, fungus gnat, caterpillars, cutworms, fruit flies and most important for your pets—fleas.

Before and after applying nematodes, irrigate the ground.  Nematodes require a thin film of water for movement.  This will allow them to move and find their prey—the insects.  The product we have is best for "top dressing" areas but is can be sprayed to apply nematodes.  Make sure you do remove any filter screens that have mesh size smaller than 30 microns.

Most people see an improvement in the fleas population within a week.  And because the nematodes reproduce as they feed on their insect prey, the population grows and the flea population shrinks without any poisons.

And while you are bringing that flea population under control, the Pet Shampoo with Neem can bring great relieve to those pets with sensitive skin.  We have small Travel Size bottles available along with the 12 oz. size. 




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