What is Search Engine Optimization? Definitions, Studies, & Businesses

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Definitions, Case Studies, and Businesses that are Dominating it Online:

In today’s blog post we will discuss the definitions, case studies, and prominent businesses of the search engine optimization market in the United States of America. There are plenty of sources online to better your understanding regarding the technological science and advertising strategies that help products and services rank and bank on services provided by companies like Google, Amazon, and YouTube. This article is a bit of a crash course to help you associate SEO, or also known as search engine marketing under a positive, white light. Case studies from products that have utilized SEO have shown massive growth with minimal overhead so we want to highlight these statistics with you. Hold on to your horses because we are going to dive deep.

SEO: Definition:

According to MailChimp at https://mailchimp.com/de/marketing-glossary/seo/, SEO can be understood as the process of technically configuring, providing relevant content(such as this), and compiling popular back-links to your website so that your inner pages are easier to locate on massive search engines. It is tough to compete with millions of businesses on the web that provide the same services you do so tailoring your blog to resonant with the web is easy, right? Wrong.

SEO: Misconceptions:

As a search engine optimization consultant I network with potential clients who want their products or services to reach the top of the search engines for keywords(we’ll get to this definition in a moment) overnight. Although overnight exposure can occur with Pay-Per-Click Advertising, PPC is not free traffic. SEO permanently provides attention to your company. Search engine optimization is a 6-12 month process that requires we build trust, relevancy, and proper signals to resonant with Google spiders that crawl and index the web. Social signals from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just a few important Web 2.0 authorities that build the proper foundation that PPC cannot maintain.

Keywords: Definition:

Think of keywords as words or phrases folks type into their search bar to locate products that help solve their everyday problems such as which local high-rated bar to visit for a drink, where to get a dental cleaning from a professional, friendly dentist, or how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. For example, a case study provided by CopyBlogger reveals that potential market research is foundational in order to succeed online. It is reasonable that let’s say hypothetically you are a hair dresser in Los Angeles your blog would contain content regarding aesthetics that promote your work from your location. Your website would not contain content regarding hair dressing in Atlanta or your incoming back-links would not be from sources regarding Lego building sets. Now that we understand research let’s get into the math aspect of keyword research.

Every keyword receives an x amount of searches per month. This data is collected from sources like Google Search, Ahrefs, or Majestic SEO to better help search engine optimization consultants like myself determine whether your desired phrase will get a bang for the buck. By ranking on the top of the first page, your blog receives traffic from that x amount of folks per month, organically, relevantly, and by being the authority of your market.

Case Study: Jonathan Elijah Bowers Search Engine Optimization:

Reference: jebseo.com – search engine marketing

Our case study today revolves around Fort Worth business JEBSEO.com. His consulting business has ranked #1 on Google for the terms, “Fort Worth SEO”, “SEO Fort Worth”, “Fort Worth SEO Consultant”, and “SEO Consultant Fort Worth” by implementing white-hat search engine marketing practices. Proper social signals, directory linking, blog commenting, private blog network posts, word of mouth, physical advertising, networking, and a few tricks up his sleeve caused his massive success by being serious and competent. Analytics tools such as SERPED.net, Google Analytics, and secret processes allowed him to dominate his target market by making him the authority in the Fort Worth, Texas market.

According to SERPED.net, the term “Fort Worth SEO” receives on average 1,600 monthly searches within the United States region. The lifetime customer value is $50,000. Out of those searches, by being #1, 640 folks click his website per month. 32 people make calls per month. 16 potential customers make appointments. Then because he is an above average salesperson, 33% of those 16 appointments are lifetime conversions. His monthly sales revenue is $264,000.00 by being the top of Google for the term, “Fort Worth SEO”. A client of this caliber would cost about $5,000-$6,000/month in order to top a big city like Fort Worth, Texas.

Businesses: Examples:

Businesses such as Kotton Grammer has toppled cities such as Chicago, New Orleans, and Miami with the methodologies provided. His expertise has motivated millions to provide quality, relevant, and no-bullshit systems to help businesses succeed online. Learn more here.


We helped you better understand the definition of search engine optimization, relevant case studies, and two businesses which have dominated the result pages by being competent and serious with our expertise. The proper systems, black and white thinking, and testing has enabled us to bring you recipes you can build with for the future of the web.

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